The greatest significant section of the spine is the upper cervical spine including the skull and the neck. This area has to be treated properly and gently in order to correctly help the entire spine. The cranial-Cervical spine protects your life giving forces such as, your brain, brainstem, nervous system, blood flow and cerebral spinal fluid that helps keep your brain healthy. The cervical spine here contains the most freely movable vertebrae.

Because of this free movement, our neck is vulnerable to injuries and stress. The spinal cord at this junction is highly sophisticated, containing many nervous system nuclei centers that keep our bodies healthy and balanced. Messages are relayed back and forth here between the brain and the rest of the body. These controls and messages can malfunction if the vertebrae in this area are not aligned correctly. Our body's center of gravity is controlled here helping us to stay perfectly aligned with gravity. If distorted through injuries and spinal mal-alignment, the forces of gravity will distort our posture, affecting our health (Magoun, Williams, Gregory).

Dr. Steven MacDonald gives a precise specific and gentle adjustment to the upper cervical vertebrae in order to properly align the entire spine. This is done when mal-alignment of the vertebrae are causing nervous system interference. When this section is properly aligned, it restores your body's center of gravity, which helps balance the spine, pelvis and leg length. This can help relieve neurological and musculoskeletal symptoms throughout the body.

Dr. MacDonald believes the upper cervical adjustment/care (NUCCA) is the greatest significant health treatment you can receive. Not only can it correct and balance your musculoskeletal system, but it improves your health and immunity. This is the greatest benefit. If treatment is only given at time of injuries, it is a band-aid approach to health, but if it is given to improve your health and attempt to prevent future problems then it is the best health maintenance care you can receive. Treatment is given in both cases.

There are so many people today who are in need of this care. This can't be stressed enough. People who have suffered head trauma, neck injuries, serious illnesses, falls, TMJ and occlusion problems and many more conditions. The spine needs proper care and alignment throughout life to stay healthy, flexible and youthful.

This care is the most scientific and sophisticated treatment available in chiropractic and health care today. Upper cervical care/NUCCA is based on all the laws of physics, mechanics and biomechanics and follows all the rules of science. For more info visit NUCCA.org

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